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Our mission at konnect

Internet brings huge benefits to people across the world, allowing them to cut through barriers in their daily lives. That's why we believe you should be connected, wherever you are.

Our high-speed satellites deliver Internet services across Africa, Europe and Russia, harnessing Eutelsat's 40 years of experience.

Whatever you need to do, we keep you connected with simple, affordable offers and high-speed service.

We Konnect you. Anywhere. It's that simple.



Preview Mother Father son on sofa with child using internet and playing with parents showing high speed internet being used in a family situation

Konnect Home

Keep in touch, learn or enjoy music and videos using high-speed Internet with our flexible or unlimited offers.

Preview konnect-pro

konnect Pro

Wherever you are, connect your business to the world and boost your performance with our high-speed Internet offers.

How does it work?

For you, using konnect is as simple as using fibre or 4G.

Internet is relayed to and from your computer using satellite technology instead of cables or mobile frequencies.

So, if you can see the sky, you can get Konnect!

4 reasons to choose konnect

We're everywhere, from remote hillsides to city centres.

We're fast, with speeds up to 50 Mbps.

We're affordable, with offers for all your needs.

It’s simple, with no landline needed and only a dish and box to install.